CSI: Culley's Septic Inc.
Phone: (978) 838-0200 Toll Free (866) 366-5055

Some of the services we offer:

*When we pump your tank; we inspect the condition of the tank to make sure everything is working properly.

This allows us to keep your septic working for years to come. 

*With the information you provide us when you book your pumping, and the condition of the tank we then put you on a reminder card program, which we will send you a reminder card approximately a month before your due for pumping, Allowing you a little time to plan your schedule. 

*We also offer Bacteria, this aids in the breakdown of solids and sludge in your tank. This can be purchased during scheduling or at the time of the pumping.
One of the options is a monthly drop in, you simply drop on tablet into your toilet every month. Another option is our Boost, which is a jump start to the monthly drop ins. Feel free to ask about these options when you call to schedule, or our driver is more than happy to explain in detail after we inspect your tank.

*We are Title 5 Certified and happy to help in anyway we can to make selling/ buying your new home as easy as possible. Check out the link to the right for a more detailed description of what this service covers.

* We also have Snaking, Maintenance and Drain Cleaning services.
Prices are available on request, due to the involvement of the job. 
 We are here to help Maintain your system.