CSI: Culley's Septic Inc.
Phone: (978) 838-0200 Toll Free (866) 366-5055
​We are a family owned and operated business located in Berlin, MA.
We have been in the business for over 15 years. We purchased Culley's Septic in 2004, Culley's Septic has been an established septic service in the Lancaster and Nashoba Valley area for over 60 years. 

Owner Jeff Curtis is a Certified Title 5 Septic System Inspector, and has extensive knowledge of Septic systems and all the working parts.
We are certified to do Title 5 inspections throughout Massachusetts and provide both residential and commercial pumping, repairs and maintenance of your system.

Owner Christine Curtis is the office manager, and jack of all trades, who has almost as much knowledge as Jeff, they have worked together out on job sites for years.
If you have a question she is the one who could answer it. 
She's happy to help with any questions even if your not one of our customer's (yet)
She has extensive communication with the surrounding towns   Board of Health and has a great working relationship with them.

Our Mission is to help you Maintain your Septic System not Replace it.

Feel free to call the office to schedule a pumping or just to get some information.